The most important factor for a great guitar tone

July 25, 2016 dinomedanhodzic 2 comments



A lot of guitarists and producers focus way too much on finding the perfect amp and the best effect-chain.
I did it myself for many years. But what I realised through producing a lot of music is that 80% of the sound actually is in the cab you use.


The reason why some amp simulation plugins are considered good and others bad is mainly because of the quality of the cab simulation.
It actually doesn’t matter that much if you use pod farm or a mesa boogie dual rectifier as your amp in a mix. If your micd cab or cab simulation is bad, the guitar tone will suck no matter what.
I’ve been in situations where a free amp plugin with a great cab impulse response sounded 10 times better in a mix than a high end tube amp with a crappy cab.


Situation 1: You have great tube amp head but a crappy cab.
– Connect your amp to your crappy cab, but also send a signal to your interface. Depending on what outputs you have it will be either from the preamp section or the power amp section.
What you will get into you daw will sound horrible at first. Load a great cab-impulse-response on your track into a free IR plugin like Ignite Amps Nad IR. You can find a link with some cab impulse responses I use down in the description down below.


Situation 2: You are poor as fuck, live with your mom and don’t have neither an amp or any amp-plugins.
– There are a bunch of great amp plugins for free out there. I mentioned Ignite Amps earlier. Just do a quick search for free amp simulation plugins and you will find a bunch. What to look out for is that the plugin has to have the feature to turn the cab simulation OFF. That means you have to be able to get a tone with just the preamp and power amp section without the cab. It will sound harsh and nasty. But that’s where you load in your awesome cab impulse responses you can find in the description down below.


So if you want to waste time on something when it comes to guitar tones, do it by searching for great cab impulse responses. You can make them yourself if you have a good cab, a pair of good mics and know how to set it up properly.
I will probably make a video about that in the future. Please let me know if that’s something you would want to see.


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