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December 19, 2016 dinomedanhodzic No comments exist

Today I wanna show you how I comp and edit vocals.
So here I have a bunch of takes that I’ll go through and pick the best parts.
Make a cut and isolate the first line.
Audition all the takes and pick the best one.
Then just repeat the process for the whole part.
When I’m happy with the whole section I crossfade and glue all the items together.
I think it’s called merge in Logic and consolidate in Pro Tools. It’s essentially the same thing.
Here I add a pitch correction plugin directly on to the item. This is a cool feature in Reaper.
I add loop points and start correcting any sharp or flat notes.
When that’s done I just render it as a new take. In case I want to change something later I always have the raw take as a backup.
Instead of letting the singer do additional doubles after doing the lead vocal, I just pick the second best take and use that as the double. In case you want 2 doubles you just do the same step twice.
Duplicate the lead vocal track and remove the active takes.
Now just choose the best takes from what you have left that matches the lead.
Now just sync the double to the lead track by using the stretch markers.
In reaper it¨s a good idea to change the settings to optimise for tonal content and set the number to 15ms.
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