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Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 30 June, 2017


Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 18 March, 2017

TESSERACT DYSTOPIA COVER | another collab with Adam Janzi

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 17 January, 2017


  In this short video I want to show you a cool technique for getting nice and controlled lows in a mix. One of the hardest things to achieve in a mix is to get those controlled and consistent lows. It’s definitely easier to nail it in electronic music, since all the material is already

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 19 December, 2016

VOCALS | comping and editing

Today I wanna show you how I comp and edit vocals. So here I have a bunch of takes that I’ll go through and pick the best parts. Make a cut and isolate the first line. Audition all the takes and pick the best one. Then just repeat the process for the whole part. When I’m happy

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 12 December, 2016

TRUE PRE-ROLL RECORDING IN REAPER | custom actions part2