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Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 8 August, 2016

EDITING LIVE DRUMS IN REAPER | quantizing and replacing

SWS extensions for Reaper: – – – – –   I’m a long time Pro Tools user and have always loved the beat detective workflow for tightening up drum takes. But for various reasons that I won’t go through here I decided to make the switch to Reaper. One of the first things that

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 25 July, 2016

The most important factor for a great guitar tone

    A lot of guitarists and producers focus way too much on finding the perfect amp and the best effect-chain. I did it myself for many years. But what I realised through producing a lot of music is that 80% of the sound actually is in the cab you use.   The reason why

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 16 July, 2016

CLIPPING | how to use it on drums, mixes and guitars

In this video I go though a subject that’s not really talked about that much. And it’s Clipping! It might be because it goes against what we learn when we start producing or engineering. But there are actually tons of ways you can use clipping to get the sound you want.   THE SETUP I

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 7 June, 2016

30th birthday gift to you!

To celebrate my 30th birthday I’ll share some free one-shot-samples and other goodies every month. Sign up to my newsletter if you want some free content from time to time! Click HERE to sign up!  

Posted by dinomedanhodzic on 29 May, 2016

6 plugins that make 99% of my mixes

  Hey guys! In this quick blogpost I want to show you the 6 plugins that make about 99% of my mixes. I always try to have a minimalist mindset whatever I do in life, and I noticed how other engineers and producers use tons and tons of different tools to get the sound they want,