Dino Drums – C.B MACHO KIT


Raw unprocessed drums suitable for rock/metal. Simple and effective! How it sounds? Check out THIS CLIP

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These are simple raw drum samples suited for rock genres.
They are completely unprocessed, giving you the flexibility to process them according to your taste and style of mixing.
Recorded using modern high end preamps from Neve, Vintage Design and Focusrite.
Drums of choice were the classic Yamaha Recording Custom 9000,
As a bonus you get the close mics NKIs for the toms, taken from the A.A. Indie Kit.
You can found the full A.A. Indie Kit at www.dinomedanhodzic.com containing multi mics for each drum.
Kick NKI (unprocessed) c1
Snare NKI (unprocessed) d1
Bonus Rack Tom (unprocessed) g1
Bonus Floor Tom (unprocessed) f1
How it sounds? Check out THIS CLIP


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